VisDare – Chase

The storm had come as sudden as it disappeared. No one had anticipated it, not even Blind Man Jack, who was renowned for sniffing out storms days before their arrival. The storm had come and left but not without taking the Golden Maiden, its captain, and the entire crew. Well, save for one.

Axel woke up on top of a wooden board that once has been part of the Golden Maiden. He woke up to a great deal of pain. The iron taste of blood lingered in his mouth and his head felt like it was being pecked from the inside by the captain’s irksome bird. Axel fell back to the dreaming.

He didn’t know how much time had passed and he didn’t care. All he wanted was food and something to drink. He tried drinking salt water even though he knew it was not a good idea. It ended up with him being right. Hunger can do many strange things to a man’s logical way of thinking. Axel looked around him and saw nothing but the blueness of the sky and the blinding blueness of the ocean.

But then, he heard it, he felt it in his bones. He looked behind him and he saw coming forth from the horizon a thin black line – like a long wound in the sky that had decayed. Axel watched the line grown in size until it was no longer a line but huge, dark clouds. They crawled on the sky, devouring the blueness of day. The sky exploded in light and sound and the ocean started to react in its own way. Waves upon waves washed over Axel. They lifted him up on his wooden board and they tossed him back down from great heights. The young boy paddled away with every bit of strength he had left.

And when the board was taken from him by the ocean, Axel swam. Before him he saw a star, a solitary blinking light on the edge of the ocean. Axel swam towards it.

The ocean raged on all around him and the heavens seemed to be breaking apart. Axel focused his everything towards the star. He kicked his feet hard and he dug deep into the waters, pushing himself forward. Ever forward.

Eventually the sky had grown pitch black and the waters seemed to have turned into stars. Axel was swam through the sky upwards. His eyes never once left that one light in front of him.

Axel continued to swim. He swam further into the beyond. Until he was no more than a small dot in an ocean of stars.

He swam until he was no more.