VisDare – The Traveler


The experience was like one giant acid trip. Lights flashed before his eyes and they looked like Willy Wonka’s vomit. Sounds came from everywhere – tiny bells ringing, the sound of thunder exploding, cackled laughter, and bits and pieces of otherworldly sounds.

I felt my dinner crawling up my throat. I swallowed hard forcing it down. Eyes closed, I started to break into a cold sweat. ‘Just a bit more,’ I said to myself.

Then the lights faded and the sounds died down. The world stopped shaking and I felt a cold hand rest on top of mine. I opened my eyes to the sight of Madame Flora’s smile – it made the wrinkles in her face go much deeper than they usually are.

‘We’re here, child,’ she said to me. Then she placed her hand, palm open, on the table. ‘That’ll be a thousand credits.”

I paid her and I stood up, my knees still wobbly from the trip, and I watched as she pocketed the money. She reached for the huge lamp in front of her and pulled down its string. The small table shook and the lights started flashing again. In one loud booming sound, she was gone. All that was left was the putrid stench of rotten eggs.

I looked around me as I wiped the sweat from my brow. “So this is Earth,” I whispered. “The others were right: it looks just like home.”

The people seated in the train were oblivious to my presence. The charm was still in place, I assumed. Some though were wrinkling their noses. Clearly they could smell the exhaust of Madame Flora’s Leaper.

I buttoned my coat and I retracted my horns. “Time to go looking for that idiotic brother of mine.”