The Collector – 2

Roden was on his knees as he inspected the capsule. It looked as though it was made entirely out of Zero metal. It was during the first galactic war by the humans. Considered by most to be the strongest form of metal, Roden was one of these. He was part of a dreadnought crew during the war – the very first dreadnought to be plated with Zero metal. The ship plunged straight into an enemy warpost and was shot with a fully charged Alcadian star cannon. Roden was sure that was the day he’d die. The blast met them and the dreadnought shook, the lights flickered and power got shut down though only for the briefest of moment. The dreadnought, aptly named Indestructible, continued on its course. It met another shot from the star cannon but the result remained the same. Indestructible demolished the Alcadian front line defense which led to the other, smaller ships to infiltrate enemy lines.

The invention of the Zero metal practically won the war for the humans. The other races had no way of answering back. They were left with no choice but to admit defeat. The galactic war ended and in its place rose the age of very first Interstellar government ruled mainly, at first, by humans.

When the war ended, the Zeroes that were left unused were sold by the government to industrial tycoons at exorbitant prices. Not long after, major corporations of major cities of various planets had skyscrapers rising out of the ground that were made out of Zero metal. Eventually a black market for Zero metals was formed.

Roden ran a hand across the capsule’s surface. The metal was cold to the skin, so cold that it burned. It had no markings or writings or any indications as to its content…or contents. The capsule was perfectly rectangular in shape and its edges were sharp. Roden stood up and walked to the foot of the capsule. Its length was about five feet and, by the light that the bot flashed, Roden had a guess as to what it could contain. He hoped he was wrong. Roden walked around the capsule three times, studying it, exploring its surface, trying to see identify a way to open it. As he was about to give up, something caught his eyes. Roden stepped closer. There. At the top-right corner of the capsule. Depending on the angle where he looked at it, a circular button would appear. Roden got down on one knee and traced a hand over the button. He then pressed it with his thumb. The capsule shook and its lid lifted a bit. Cold, white smoke poured out of the narrow opening. It dropped to the ground and started to cover the floor. When the capsule had been empty of the white smoke, the lid rose higher and slid to the right revealing its content.

“Damn,” Roden said. “I just had to be always right.”

Roden stood up. He was looking at a girl, with eyes closed and arms crossed over her bare chest, lying inside the capsule. The girl wasn’t human, that much was sure. Her skin was icy blue that seemed to emit a light glow. She had platinum, white hair that flowed down to her waist. Roden took note of two wires attached from the capsule to the girl’s left arm. One wire was red and the other one was blue. Roden tried to reach for the wires when the capsule emitted a low, grumbling noise. The wires started to retract out of the arm and back into the capsule. The only indication that they were there were two small wounds at the girl’s arm where blue colored blood was now started to flow out of.

That was when the girl opened her eyes.