VisDare – Mourning

Everyone tiptoed around the elephant in the room–all of them stepping near but not quite close enough to really touch it. They’d come to me with their condolences and apologies as if they had a hand in her death…some of them probably had.

My mother died three days ago. Today’s her funeral. She OD’d on some drugs. We all knew she’d been depressed ever since Pa died. Her “friends”, these leeches that were now infesting our living room, only made things worse. I tried to help her. Did my best, really. But I could only do so much, you know? I’ve my life too – a husband and kids, a career. I really did my best.

I sipped my coffee and winced at how cold it had gotten. From my periphery I saw someone approach. Great, the elephant seemed to have followed me outside. I sighed and put on my mourning daughter’s face.