VisDare – Escape

My heart sank upon seeing the bridge. It was supposed to be our escape. Not anymore. There was no way we’ll be crossing that. By the looks of it, it had probably collapsed a long time ago. I could hear Mia’s heavy breathes beside me.

“We’ll cross,” Mia said before sucking in a lungful of air. “On the cables. We just need to make it to the next tower.”

“What tower?” I asked.

“That one,” Mia replied.

I looked hard to where she pointed. Past the thick fog I could barely make out the outline of a structure where the other end of the cables were attached. It seemed a good distance away. I felt my stomach drop.

“I won’t allow myself to die here,” she said as she ran towards the bridge.

From behind me came the fast approaching sound of gears whirring. I hurriedly ran after Mia.