Silcarine – Step Inside the Colony

Below is a story that’s a continuation of Silcarine – Son. I guess these two serve as a glimpse to the Colony’s past. The point of view character for this story is very much related to one of my protagonist–March Rivers.

Read and enjoy 🙂


We step out of the hovercar and I see men running towards us. They stop in front of Father. I see them salute and hear them introduce themselves. Father does the same. They hold that pose for a few seconds before bringing their hands down. I listen to their conversation even though Father told me many times before to not listen in on the conversations of adults. I hear them talk about expansion and Fifth City and more violent sandstorms. Eventually, their talking starts to bore me.

In front of us, a couple of feet ahead, stands the tallest tower I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the towers I saw when we were landing. Written on it in huge letters are the words “Alpha Tower”. At the top of the tower is some sort of structure in the shape of a UFO I once saw on TV, while at the foot of it is a door. Behind Alpha Tower, if I squint my eyes and use my hands as binoculars, I see the outlines of three more towers similar to the first one. Aside from the towers though, I see nothing. I spin around and all I see is red. Red ground, red mountains, red sky, I swear even the wind (when it blows) I can see that its color is a shade of red as well. Where’s the Colony? Where’re the houses and the people and the buildings? Deep inside, I wish Earth wasn’t dying. I’m starting to hate Silcarine.

I hear Father call my name. I turn around and I see the three men he was talking to walk towards the tower. I ask Father where the Colony is. He smiles at me and points at the ground. I don’t understand I tell him. He just laughs and tells me to follow those men, he points at the three who are waiting by the door of the tower.

The door slides open and we step inside. I realize then that we’re standing inside an elevator. Beside the door are the buttons with numbers on their faces. One of the men presses the “L3” button. The elevator starts to move. When the doors open, I thought that my eyes are playing tricks on me. In front of me I see hovercars driving by and people walking and talking and looking at us. I see buildings, standing tall and proud and of different shapes and sizes, scattered throughout the bustling city. The place is filled with lights and sounds.

“Welcome to the Colony Major Rivers,” I hear one of the men say to Father.