We are moving at a hundred and twenty kilometers per hour—too fast for my liking but Dan would just laugh at me if I tell him that. He’ll say to me “Come on Jen, stop being a grandma” and that’ll be the end of that. So I just curl myself up into a ball and pray that we won’t die.

Outside, the tall, gray buildings one by one disappear until there’s nothing left but an open field and the deep blue sky hanging above us. The road grows wider and wider until we are no longer driving on any road. I rest my head on the window. The outside world is a blur—trees, farmlands, the animals, they all merge into one. I’m watching a slideshow of shapes and colors.

I hear Dan ask me if I’m feeling all right. He knows I hate it when he drives too fast (I don’t care if there’re no cars on the road). No matter what I say he won’t slow down though. I know that as a fact. So instead of voicing out my concern and tell him “No Dan, I’m not all right. We’re moving too fast and we’re going to die”, I just give him a nod of the head and a “Yeah”.

Above us, I see a cloud stalking our car. It’s huge and fluffy and white. It floats leaving wisps of it behind. Even at a hundred and twenty kilometers the cloud still somehow manages to keep up. Steady. It moves so steady. Slowly though we pull away until it’s left behind. The sky’s empty once more. I stare at it. I allow my eyes to drink in the blueness of the sky until it slowly grows heavy—so heavy that I can’t keep my eyes open. I yawn and I feel Dan’s hand merge into mine. Everything slowly goes black, only sound remains. I can hear the steady beating of my heart. I can hear the gentle purr of the engine as Dan steps lightly on the gas. I can hear a lullaby being sung. I fall asleep. Outside, the world moves at a hundred and twenty kilometers per hour.