It was the right call to make: leaving Ricky behind. It was not easy for all of us but we knew the welfare of the group must always be top priority. Ricky? Ricky had a broken leg. He won’t last long even if he stayed with us. WE ARE ALL pretty sure he’d only slow us down. Gas is almost gone. We can squeeze out another half day’s ride and then we’ll be out walking. If we took Ricky with us, he’d be limping. Slowing. Us. Down. He would’ve been the end of the group. Look, we all know that by leaving him we basically sentenced him to death. But, who knows? Maybe he’ll live. Maybe he’ll be able to fend them off.

We left him a gun – to be used on them…or on himself. We know he doesn’t want to end up like them. Who does? We’re not heartless.