VisDare – Human

What urged him to enter the decrepit phone booth was part curiosity, part nostalgia. He opened the door and stepped inside; the small space was barely enough to accommodate his large frame.  He waited. People passed by the phone booth, the old and the young, men and women, he could hear the unified sound of their footfalls on the sidewalk. Nothing happened. No surge of power, no strong gust of wind, no sudden transformation from glasses wearing journalist to a super. Nothing. He pressed a liver-spotted hand on the glass. He has a good life – a wife, two kids, and several grandkids. But sometimes… He missed the old days.

He exited the phone booth and started walking away, hands in the pockets of his brown coat. Beneath the coat, beneath the grey shirt was a red and blue suit. He wears it every night. It helps him fall asleep.