The witch of Maginhawa

You’ve heard the stories but, as the famous adage goes, ‘To see is to believe’ and so here you are, standing in front of a one-story house made of wood and flimsy metal sheets. You can’t believe your eyes. It’s really there, sandwiched between two restaurants. You have been to the street of Maginhawa many times to the point that you’ve already memorized each one of the hundreds of restaurants lined up along its two kilometre stretch. Surely you would have seen this house, no matter how small it is, in one of your many visits?

She sees you and beckons you to come closer. All you know about the witch of Maginhawa is that she grants wishes…for a price. She speaks, “What is your wish?”

You feel your throat go dry. You search for the right words. You open your mouth, “I wish…”

The witch smiles.