Subject 1009

The Captain tilted my head upward. I found myself staring at his eyes – dark pits that seemed bottomless.

“Interesting,” he said in his gravelly voice. “Subject 1009 passed the penultimate test. No signs of the gas affecting him in any way.”

A man behind the Captain, who wore an identical gas mask, started to write something down.

“The Master will be very pleased to hear this,” the Captain said. “He is developing quite nicely.”

He turned around and spoke with his assistant. Developing nicely…what they didn’t know was I was developing at a speed that far exceeded their expectations. I felt whatever they pumped inside me surging through every vein of my body, filling me with this immense strength. I heard the blood pump out of their hearts, I felt the tiniest change in the air. If I wanted I could easily separate their heads from their bodies…but I won’t. I decided I would be patient. I was close. I would soon meet the Master. Until then, I forced myself to become the obedient Subject 1009 they wanted me to be.