The Ghost Pack

I started scratching the wall, trying to peel the plaster off, to pass the time.

Carlton sighed. “It’s already been two hours, Jim. Where are they?”

I stood up and shrugged. “All I know is Jo told me she heard them saying they’ll be here tonight. Midnight.”

“Well, yeah? It’s already two and they are still not…”

“They’re here!” Jo’s head appeared on the wall behind Carl then her whole body followed. “They just entered the building.”

I could see the excitement in Carl’s eyes. His whole body glowed. “This is it. Remember what we’ve practiced.”

“We’ll scare the bejeezus out of these kids,” Jo said.

“Let’s not get too excited. We need to build atmosphere. Just small noises first. We’ll build up on that.” I reminded them.

Carl and Jo nodded. Carl then extended his hand out. Jo placed hers on top of Carl’s and I placed mine on top of hers.

“Ghost Pack on three,” Carl said. “1…2…3…”