Office Blues

Half an hour has passed since I’ve started looking outside the window beside my workstation. It’s been half an hour of observing traffic and people when I should be working on this god forsaken program.My eyes jump back to the computer monitor. The lines of code stare back at me. My mind looks up and plops back down on its back. Clearly, it refuses to do work. I sigh.

I stand up and stretch my arms up high over my head, yawning as I do so. The clock on my computer screen tells me I still have two hours of agony to go through before I can clock out. 

Today’s been very unproductive but it’s a Monday so, I guess there should be some leniency to be spared. Right? Right?

I think of what I’ll do once I’ve gotten out of the office. I’ll run. I’ll run after nothing, I’ll run after the slowly sinking sun, I’ll run after my breath, I’ll run after you.

I think of you.

We were good. You and I. Partners in crime, the comedic duo, we’re batman and robin where we’re both batman. We were in love.
I still am.
It’s funny how one moment I’m looking at traffic and then the next I’m thinking about a love I am desperately trying to chase after.

I crack my knuckles and slap my mind sideways, forcing it to work. 

I bury you in lines of code.