The Possessed Pen

I stumbled upon the possessed pencil while browsing the website. I was initially searching for comic books so I had no idea why olx included that item in the search results. Anyway, I found it funny. It was so cliche from the way it looked (black with bloody red eraser on top and a 666 written just below that) to its backstory.

The product description stated that the pencil once belonged to a satanic cult leader. Apparently it was used in the checking of the attendance of members during their clandestine cult meetings. Who knew punctuality was important even for them?

My problem with that story was the pencil looked brand new. It was still unsharpened and the eraser looked unused. It was priced at a hundred pesos. I shrugged my shoulders and added it to my cart. It sounded like a funny story to tell to the barkada.

The pencil arrived two days later by mail. It arrived separately from the other items I checked out that day which was weird but I paid it no mind. We’re in the Philippines after all. Things go wrong all the time.

I brought the pencil to my room and sharpened the end. After that, I started writing with it. As expected, it was just a normal pencil. It wrote good, I’d give it that. The lines it made were not too thick nor too thin. They also didn’t smudge. The eraser erased amazingly and, well, it was a fucking normal pencil. My hundred bucks down the drain.

One thing I noticed after several days of using the pencil was it never got dull. The point remained sharp and the eraser stayed pristine. I figured the lead used was special. It was, after all, worth a hundred pesos.

One night, while in the middle of doing my thesis, I tried reaching for my pen. My hand landed on the possessed pencil instead. I took it anyway and started jotting down notes. Not long after I started to feel a falling sensation. Vertigo? But I was seated down. I tried standing up but instead continued falling. It felt weird. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The sharpened tip of the pencil slowly drew closer…

And closer…

It seemed to be already brushing the ends of my eyelashes.

I wanted to stop falling but I couldn’t.

The sharp pointed tip got closer still…