Descriptive Writing – Rembrandt’s Philosopher in Meditation

To practice descriptive writing, I tried to do the tip found in this page:

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He clasps his hands on his lap and releases a deep, long sigh. Sunlight, the color of molten gold, enters his study from the arched window. It shines down on the thick tome proped open on his table. From the back of the room, behind the spiraling, wooden staircase, comes the sound of his student tending to the fireplace.

Rumination creases the forehead of the Philosopher. Every now and then the silence of his contemplation would be broken by a frustrated clicking of the tongue or a triumphant “ahh”. He lifts a hand and strokes his beard then he turns towards the open book.

Behind him, he hears his student making his way up the stairs – the creaking of the steps noting his progress. The Philosopher dips his quill into the bottle of ink then starts to madly scribble down words on the yellowed pages of the book. The sound of his student’s footsteps has long disappeared.