An unfinished Christmas story.

A solitary light bulb swings like a pendulum—making shadows dance across the yellow stained walls. A man is tied to a chair directly below the swinging light bulb and a large, red Christmas sock is covering his head. He remains unconscious. His feet, bare and bleeding from an unseen wound, is tied as well to the legs of the chair. The man is fat. He is wearing bright red clothing and a thick black colored belt that securely binds his very big and very round tummy.

The light bulb is the only source of light in the pitch black room. From somewhere, a door creaks open and the sound of footsteps echoes all around. The fat man tied to the chair stirs. He groans and moans as he slowly comes back to consciousness. A man, hidden in the dark, stands before him. The man has his hands behind his back. You could not see it because of the darkness, but he is wearing a gray colored sweatshirt with sweat stains right by his underarms. He’s also wearing baggy jogging pants of the same color. He smiles menacingly as his captive wakes up.

The fat man opens his beady eyes and looks around. His head feels like a watermelon split into two and the swinging light bulb does not help at all. He tries to move his hands but finds himself unable to. Confusion fills his already muddled mind. He looks around him but sees little.

“Glad to see you’re awake,” the man in the darkness says. His voice is steady and smooth—like one of those voice overs you hear in TV commercials or in the radio.

The fat man squints his eyes. He can see the faint visage of the man standing before him. “Who—who’s there? Where am I?” He asks.

“Oh I’m sure you don’t know me. It was ten years ago when I first saw you with a big round cookie held between your pudgy fingers.” The man’s voice slowly loses its steadiness. He feels the anger inside of him swelling like a balloon. “I saw you laying down the presents under the Christmas tree. I was happy. I was ecstatic! But then, I saw you do something else…”

The fat man’s head is aching badly. He’s confused and troubled. The man in front of him did this to him, that much is clear. But why? He listens and thinks and forces himself to remember. Ten years ago. What happened ten years ago? Then it hits him. His eyes grow wide and his mouth opens up like a capital ‘O’.

“You remember.” The man slowly says with a smile on his face.

The fat man shakes his head. His stomach twisting into knots. Underneath his thick red suit, sweat starts to flood his rotund body.

“I saw you with my mom.” The man says. “I saw my mother kissing Santa Claus.” He finishes.