Revolver Night

You lie flat
On your back
On the flatness
Of the sea
The moon is a sailboat
And the clouds are waves
Washing over it.

You are drowning,
We are drowning.

From afar
A song can be heard
And you feel your lips
As you hum along

Tomorrow never knows.

The moon is a boat
Buoyed by the
You hear your own breathing
The rise and fall of your

We are drifting.
You are drifting.

You lie on your
Lifted by a song
And you sing along.

You are flying.
We are flying.

You watch yourself
Wave at yourself
From the moon
(That is a boat)
You lie on your back
On the overflow
Of your thoughts
The rise and fall of your
The rise and fall of your

We are being.
You are being.
This is not leaving.