The Beach

We were on the beach, just the two of us. Dusk had settled in and the sun was a coin in the sky, slowly melting away. Its colors bled into the sea – gold, red, pink, until there were no longer any colors to bleed.

And everything was bathed in black.

We were seated on the beach, just the two of us. You had taken off your top. You liked the feeling of the sea breeze on your bare chest, you said laughing. The waves took turns lapping at our feet and our ears drowned in the roaring of the waters.

The stars came out late.

We lay down on the beach, our shoulders touching.

Below us was came the soft sighs from the innumerable number of sand and above us came the clandestine whispers of the multitude of stars and we were sandwiched in between.

I want to fall upwards to the sky, you suddenly said.

I didn’t say anything. Then, without a word, I got up and grabbed your hands. Come on, I said.

You stood up and I led you to the edge of the beach, where sand and water met.

By this time, the moon had risen fairly high and the stars were out in full. The sea had calmed, becoming flat like a mirror, with its surface reflecting off the sky.

Let’s fall, I said.

And so we ran.

The waters opened up and welcomed us.

We ran until we were neck deep into the sea.

And then we fell.

We were on the beach, just the two of us, floating in the multitude of stars.