The Great Expansion

The universe ended in silence. As if it had already surrendered to its fate. It did not struggle, it made no bargains, it just stood still. It knew. It knew that the end was inevitable, that it was absolute. And so it just stood still as this force that was simply known as dark energy continued to pull everything apart faster than gravity could hold them together. 
The universe ended like a jigsaw puzzle being taken apart.

All of these happened on a Wednesday. We were holding hands. We stood on the rooftop of your apartment building watching the space between the stars get larger. They’re dancing, you said. And they were -an operatic ballet of twinkling and blinking ushering the end.

We were holding hands…and then we were not. I looked at you and you were standing five feet away from me. You smiled at me and I knew that you understood too. We were puzzle pieces being pulled apart. I waved goodbye. You mouthed the words I love you. Before I could reply you were gone. 

The stars were gone as well and space never looked so vast. The darkness was at its deepest you could dive into it and drown. 

I looked at my hands and they were filled with holes. I was filled with holes as the stuff that made me who I am – the cells, the atoms – got pulled into different directions away from each other. I expanded slowly, gradually.

I whispered your name. I kept repeating it until my legs vanished, followed by my arms, my body, my eyes, and I kept repeating the only sound I would like to hear in the end until there was no longer any me to repeat it.

The puzzle pieces were placed inside a box and was covered with a lid.

And somewhere deep in the darkness I could still feel your hands in mine.