What is love?

Love is the kisses
She rains down on you
Each morning to wake you up.

Love is the smell of burnt pancakes
That pulls you out of bed
And to her side.

Love is the hope
That you keep
From the day you said

Love is your fingers bleeding
As you try your best
To put back the broken pieces
Together again.

Love is that ache you feel
Whenever you reach out for a hand to hold
And you find that you’re alone
And she’s a thousand miles away.

Love is that sigh you breathe out
When you see couples walk by
Talking and laughing
And you wished that she was here
Talking and laughing
With you.

Love is that empty space
On the other side of the bed
You refuse to sleep on
Because you’re hoping that
She will return once more.

Love is a lot of things
But mostly
Love is her smile
And her eyes
Her tears
And her laugh
Her kiss
And her touch.

Love is that joy
That inexplicable happiness
You feel
When she says
“I love you” back.
Love is when she was here
By your side

Now she’s gone?
Love left with her.
Now she’s gone?
There’s only existing
That someday
Love might return again.