Silcarine – Desert

Here’s a sort of continuation of my Silcarine story. A scene containing my two protagonists.


March reached the top of the rock formation. He scanned the area and what little hope he had was snuffed out. Everywhere his eyes landed on he saw nothing but red sand. There were a few other rocks like the one he was standing on scattered here and there, but mostly there was nothing but sand.

From below him, he heard Jess’ shouting.

“What? Louder. I can’t hear you!” March shouted back.

“What do you see?” came the strained voice of Jess.

“Sand!” was all March shouted. He turned back to the red sands of Silcarine before deciding to climb back down.

Careful to find his footing, March slowly descended down the mini mountain. He could hear below the burning of their hovership. Damn, should’ve never entertained Jess’ curiousity, March thought to himself as he tried to find a place to put his left foot.

March was fine and happy being a boring patrolman. Jess though, being young and energetic, found the job dreadful. She wanted adventure and excitement and when she saw what she thought as movement in the vast Silcarine desert, she just had to find out what it was. March was a fool for breaking down and finally agreeing to accompany Jess.

Lost in his thought, March’s right hand slipped. He tried to take hold of the rock but it was too late. He was falling. March flailed his arms as gravity pushed him down. He heard Jess shout. He saw the red sky. Then he hit sand. He felt the air knocked out of him. For a moment he couldn’t breathe. Jess ran towards him but March’s mind couldn’t comprehend what the girl was saying. March blacked out.

In his dreams, March was sitting inside a moviehouse. In front of him, a black and white film was being played. He saw his wife on screen, back when she was still alive. Holding his wife’s hand was a younger looking March, a March who was not yet a broken man. They were smiling and laughing and March found himself in tears while seated on his seat with popcorn in hand. March heard a little voice from somewhere. Then the camera moved and March saw a young girl with hair as red as his wife’s. “Mommy!” the little girl shouted.

March opened his eyes and he was face to face with the thousand burning stars. He tried to move but he felt a sharp pain from his back.

“Thank Sol you’re awake,” Jess said smiling. “Don’t—don’t move. You fell from quite a high place. You might’ve broken something. Here, I tried to scavenge as much as I can from the wreck of the ship.”

Jess lifted March’s neck and she placed a cup to his lips. March drank. He felt the liquid wetting his cracked lips, going down his dry throat. It was relief.

“What happened?” March asked weakly.

“Well, aside from your near death experience? Nothing. We’re still stranded.” Jess answered as she refilled the cup. “Look, March, I’m really sorry. I—I should never have forced us to come here. I thought I saw something and—”

“It’s OK,” March interrupted. “It’s OK.” He repeated with a smile. “I’ve never seen the stars like this before. It feels like the whole sky’s about to swallow me whole.” March said. He raised his hand and grabbed as much stars as he can in his hand. “We’ll find a way to get back home.” He said.