Superstition – 2 of 2

The year ended and Dexter continued to suffer. His thoughts kept on returning to the day Marv visited and to the last thing he said. Is the broken mirror curse really true? The logical side of Dex refused to believe such nonsense.  But his beaten, worn out, girlfriend-less side found sense in that. Another thing was if indeed the curse was true then there is a way out. Dexter knew the curse would last for exactly seven years. He pushed his logical side to the back of his head because finally, after four years of being kicked in the nuts by fate, Dexter found hope.

As if to answer back, Fate decided to up his game even further. The fifth and sixth years were really bad for Dexter. His house burned down. No matter where he went, Dex always found himself stepping on dog crap. There was a day when a potted plant fell on him while at the same time he stepped on dog poo. Within the sixth year, Dexter started coughing bad. He tried various doctors but whenever test results came back, the doctors would tell him that there was nothing wrong with him. The coughing got worse. But no matter how bad things went for Dexter, fate knew when to take a step back. After all, it has to follow the rules. Seven years of bad luck. It wouldn’t be right to do something that might kill Dexter off. For example, Dexter’s house burned down. But after a couple of days of being homeless, Marv went to him and gave him the key to his old apartment. The coughing was bad but did no serious problems for Dexter’s health. Fate knew when to not cross the line. But that doesn’t mean the misery lessened. Dexter though, did not lose hope. He knew he had to just hold on for a bit more.

Now, back to the beginning of our story. The day Dexter was splashed with water was actually the last day of his curse. He was headed back to his apartment—bags of groceries in his hand. It was only a couple hours more before he was free from the broken mirror’s curse. Dexter had been out all day and throughout his day he had, as usual, experienced misfortune (car splashing him with water for example). Dexter cursed and got mad but he made sure to smile afterwards. Tonight will be the last night. He checked his watch and it said 11pm. Only an hour left. Dexter hummed an upbeat song as he made his way up the stairs and to his floor. As Dexter was climbing up the stairs, he stepped on a kid’s toy left on the top step. Dexter slipped and fell. He groaned as he slowly made his way to his feet. A few more minutes,” he said to himself.

Dexter finally made his way to his floor. His room was at the end of the hallway. He continued on humming. The time was 11.15pm. The floor was quiet. Everyone was asleep. Dexter walked on with a smile on his lips and pain on his hips. A ladder stood in front of the room beside his. He gave a shrug and walked underneath it. Dexter reached for the key inside his pockets but he can’t seem to find it. He took a deep breath as he fought to suppress a scream. He sat by his door—taking out the bottle of wine he bought and a bag of chips. Everything would be ok by tomorrow. He thought to himself. Midnight passed and Dexter emptied the bottle of wine as well as ate all of the chips. He fell asleep with a smile on his face outside his room. Fate watched him that day. If Fate has a face, it must have been smiling as well as it planned on what to do to Dexter when he wakes up…