Ashes and Snow

Snow falls down gently
Ashes fall down gently
From the silver colored sky;
From the red stained sky;
She runs outside,
She walks outside,
Arms stretched out
Her arms wrapped around
Like wings;
Her small body;
Her face towards the heavens,
Her eyes taking in the scene,
Her mouth wide open;
Her tears sliding down her blackened cheeks;
Snowflakes fall on her pink tongue
Ashes fall down on her skin
One on top of the other;
And it burns;
She spins and dances
In the middle of the winter.
She breathes in the dying
And falls down on her knees.
Snow capped trees
Houses turned to rubble,
Her parents’ smiling lips,
Her parents’ blank faces,
Their eyes contain only her
Eyes staring blankly to the heavens.
She laughs,
She goes to them
She smiles.
And she closes their blank eyes.
She falls down on the white blanket.
She hums a tune
Merry Christmas, she shouts.
As she holds their hands.
Merry Christmas, she laughs.
Frohe Weihnachten from Germany.