Five Sentence Fiction – Sacrifice

Lance and armor glistening underneath the glare of the afternoon sun, the White Knight rode his destrier forward–knowing all too well that the fate of their kingdom rested solely on his shoulders.

He had not time to rest when from behind him came the cry of an opponent–he quickly turned his horse around and he saw a woman wearing black battle armor, charging directly towards him with a huge mace in her hands and a smile on her lips.

The Black Queen roared as she swung the mace violently, the knight did his best to block the blows but he knew his fate–the mace landed on his head, crushing his helmet inwardly, felling him from his destrier and to the rocky ground.

“Foolish knight,” said the Black Queen, “we’ve won!”

The knight smiled as he lay dying, confusion crept on the Black Queen’s face, then from afar the two of them heard the sound of cheers and shouts of victory; the White Knight opened his lips to utter his final word, “Checkmate.”