Five Sentence Fiction – Pirates

It’s time for another one of Lillie’s Five Sentence Fiction challenge.

This week’s word prompt is: Pirates.

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One-eyed Luke, the infamous pirate captain, drew his cutlass from its scabbard and swung it wildly at his pirate crew–Luke’s eye widened with fear as his crew kept on coming even though Luke had hacked them and sliced them (even dismembered a few limbs for good measure).

Captain Luke ran uphill, trying not slip from the wet mud, screaming and slashing and cutting at those who managed to get close to him.

He cursed the young girl they had taken captive an hour ago–his men surrounded the girl, eyes hungry and their lust high, when the girl screamed and started to say words that were not known to them.

The sky darkened and the waters grew wild, Luke watched as his men fell down to their knees with blood seeping out of their eyes and mouths screaming in pain–the girl stopped her chanting and fell unconscious on the rocky beach.

Luke watched as his crew got back on their feet and turned around to look at him, he saw their faces were distorted with pain and out of their mouth came only one word: “Braaaaiiiiiiins.”