Write for 10 – Apple

My entry for today’s write4ten prompt. The prompt was apple. My story below’s connected to my Detective March story.

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Parked Outside.


Lenny rubbed an apple on his shirt. His countenance displayed complete nonchalance. He looked at me with a sly smile on his thin, wet lips.


“Apple?” He asked.


I had no time for his games. “A woman visited me this afternoon,” I said, going straight to the point, “hired me to find his boy. Told me the kid was taken by a dame wearing a red dress.”


Something flashed in Lenny’s eyes. It went away as quick as it appeared but I was sure it was there–a sign of recognition. He knew what I was saying.


“Don’t know nothing about no red dame,” he said. He pulled a small knife out of his right boot and sliced a thin cut from the apple. “You sure you don’t want any?”


I took three steps closer. Lenny stood up. He was a good two feet taller than me. Our mugs were all smiles but the tension was thick in the air. He ate the apple from his knife.


“You know something Lenny,” I said in a voice that meant I’m ready to use force to get my answers. “Start singing.”


Lenny whistled. I heard the door open behind me. I turned around to see a barrel chested man with an egg shaped head step inside. “Yeah, boss?”


“Mr. March Chandler here’s ready to leave,” Lenny said, his eyes boring into mine. “Walk him out would you Bear?”


The egg head, Bear, grunted in reply. He took one step closer and my body reacted swiftly. I swung my fist hard and delivered an uppercut to his egg-shaped head. Bear stumbled backwards. I gave him no time to recover. I gave him a left hook followed by a right blow to the gut. Bear dropped to his knees and down the floor.


Taking my eyes off of Lenny was a mistake though. Before I was able to turn around, I felt something touch the skin below my chin. Lenny was whispering into my ear: “Look here, I don’t want a dead shamus in my joint so you better scram. I know nothing about no missing boy and red dames.”


I raised my hands and gave a nod. “Whatever you say Lenny,” I said through gritted teeth.


“There’s a good boy,” he said before shoving me to the door.


I turned around and watched Lenny take a huge bite out of his red apple.