The King Mansion – A Friday Night Write Post

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In order to be part of us, you have to pass a test. Those were the words of Joey Esposito to Mike and his brother the day their family moved in to the neighborhood.

It was a quarter past midnight and the streets were deserted save for the three kids.

“Didn’t think the two of you would come,” Joey said. Behind him, the brothers could see the abandoned three-story house that Joey talked about. Mike knew what the test would be about. He let out an amused smile. Joey’s eyes were on him. They didn’t look happy.

“What’ll the test be about, Joey?” Benjamin asked, Mike’s eight year old brother.

The smile returned in Joey’s eyes. He turned around and spread his hands wide. “This, boys, is your test.”

“Just get on with it,” said Mike.

Joey’s hands dropped. He turned around and said: “Well, someone’s eager.”

Mike locked eyes with the other kid.

“The King mansion,” Joey started saying, “was once home to a family of four. The man of the house, Jeremy King, was liked by everyone. Their family was the perfect model of what a family should be. But the happy life of Mr. Jeremy didn’t last. He found out his wife was cheating on him with another guy. Jeremy’s world shattered. Something broke inside the guy’s head.” Joey’s voice lowered down to a whisper. “Jeremy became mad.”

Benjamin drew closer to Mike’s side. “It’s just a story, Ben,” Mike said. “Joey’s just trying to scare us with his little ghost story.”

Joey’s eyes became narrow. “Long story short, Jeremy murdered his family and stashed their bodies in the attic before he killed himself. Your test would be to reach the attic, open the window, and show yourself to me.”

Mike laughed. “That’s it?” He said. He started walking towards the house. “Come on Ben, let’s get this over with before mom finds out we snuck out.”

Benjamin stayed rooted to his place. Mike sighed. “OK, you stay here and I’ll go,” he looked at Joey and laughed again.


Mike was in the second floor when he heard the noise. He heard floorboards creaking loudly, protesting against the weight of footsteps. Joey must have decided to scare me into giving up, Mike thought. He shrugged his shoulders and walked down the corridor. According to Joey, the stairs leading to the third floor was at the end.

Mike reached the stairs. He looked up and into the darkness. He heard the footsteps again. Mike looked at the direction of the sound but saw nothing. The darkness limited his vision. He was about to take his first step up the stairs when he heard someone shout. He looked to the side to see the demented face of Joey. The rock came crashing down on his head. Blood gushed out of the wound.

“Never! Never laugh at me again!” Joey pounded the rock down on Mike’s head. “Never you hear?!”

Joey pounded again and again. The darkness stood silent.