Five Sentence Fiction – Perseverance

Brandon didn’t know where he drew his energy from, every waking moment felt like his last; his beard was more hoarfrost than hair, two of his fingers were taken by the winter chill and now nothing more than stumps, and his belly burned badly with hunger, but he had finally arrived.

His eyes drank in the image of Forthwind that stood near the edge of the mountain cliff—he saw figures moving on top of its battlements, he saw carts being pulled along the walkways and through the gatehouse and underneath the portcullis, he saw the castle’s banners fluttering madly in the winter wind.

Half stumbling and half dragging himself, he started his way down and back into the woods; just a little more and I’ll be home, back in Ysmay’s warm embrace, the thought pushed Brandon forward.

Upon reaching level ground, he heard the breaking of twigs, he saw white fur emerging out of the undergrowth, he saw red eyes, and a hungry snarl that flashed yellowed teeth; his hand quickly reacted and reached for a sword that was no longer there.

Just a bit more, Ysmay’s face flashed in his head, he bent down to pick up a rock as large as his fists, then the wolf attacked.