Menage Monday Week 41 – Millicent

Some of the houses were still aflame when Millicent arrived. Corpses lay scattered everywhere. The stench of burned flesh pervaded the air.
Millicent urged the horse forward. She saw bodies being pecked at by crows. Their mouths screamed in silent agony.
You can’t run away forever,” the last words of the priest rang loudly in her head.
She saw a man carrying a chest stepping out of the priest’s house. Millicent recognized the man as one of the Sea Demons that threatened the village a fortnight ago.
“Stop!” Millicent shouted.
The corsair didn’t turn to look. He just started to run.
Millicent swung down the horse with bow and arrow in hand. She nocked the arrow and pulled it until the string touched her lips.
You can’t run away forever,” those were the last words of the priest before she left. Fate chose her as protector, but she ran away instead.
“I’m done running,” she breathed out. She released the arrow and it flew, cutting through air, and to the man’s throat. The corsair dropped to the ground.
“Time to play for keeps,” she said. She stepped on the arrow and pushed it down. The man shook hard and died.