Visual Dare 16 – Bells in the rain

Visual Dare time!

I love the image for this week’s dare. I exceeded the 100-word count limit and it’s all right with me.

I hope you’ll enjoy my story as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂

Photography by Donna McNicol


A mortar exploded somewhere to their right, showering them with mud and dirt. Michael crouched lower in their shallow ditch. Beside him, Mario was holding his rosary and his lips were moving rapidly in prayer.

Bendita tu eres entres todas las mujeres.

Their rifles had run out of ammunition an hour ago. Too afraid to stand lest they be shot, they were stuck in the ditch for god knows how long.

Santa Maria, Madre de Dios,

Michael closed his eyes. The sounds of war died down as the soft chimes of bells grew louder. At the backdrop of the bells came the pattering of rain on the rooftop. Ellie’s smile came into focus. The bell was his parting gift. It was his promise. I’ll come back home. Don’t worry, love. Those were the words he said.

Ahora y en la hora de nuestra—

He didn’t need to open his eyes to know what was in front of him. Mario’s sudden silence was enough. He felt the cold metal kiss of a gun on his temple. The sound of bells chiming grew louder, drowning out the song of war.

I’m sorry Ellie for lying to you, for making you wait.

The gun screamed. The bells became silent.