Sir James

Sir James was given the great honor to bring back the chalice of all healing to the king of Backyard. But he had to get pass an obstacle first before he can continue on his journey. James raised his shield just in time. The huge fists of the bridge troll came smashing down on him. James’ knees buckled under the force of the impact. James quickly leapt away from the troll. He inspected his shield and felt a sharp pain shoot up his arm as soon as he moved his shield arm. He knew a bone was broken. He saw a huge dent on his shield. He won’t live long if he took another blow like that. James eyed the bridge troll breathing heavily in front of him. Its club like arms reaching all the way to the ground as its gnarled face looked menacingly at him. The troll growled and lumbered towards James. James was thankful that the fifteen feet brute was slow, otherwise he wouldn’t stand a chance.

James waited as the troll drew closer. He raised his sword in front of him—sunlight glistening against its sharp edge. The troll was gaining speed. Spittle flew from its mouth as it raised both of its arms up high. James was ready though. He swiftly took a sidestep and at the same time he delivered a slash to the monster’s hamstring—a blow that should have brought down a normal opponent, bridge trolls weren’t normal opponents though. The huge beast turned around and looked at James as if nothing happened. It steadily approached James once again. James saw the spot where the bridge troll’s fist had landed—it was cracked. James imagined if he wasn’t able to evade that recent attack and immediately pushed the thought away. The troll was starting to run once again, green colored blood flowing out of its wounded leg.

Bridge trolls were considered as one of the most dangerous creatures in all the land of Backyard. They were creatures of little intelligence but their immense strength more than make up for it. They were solitary creatures who mainly lived by rivers under great stone bridges—hence their name. There’re not many of them mainly because they have a bad habit to eat their young. Chances of encountering a bridge troll are very slim. That means, James was very unfortunate to run into one.

James leapt away as the bridge troll tried to pound him once again with its fists. And again, James delivered another strike. This time he thrusted the sword in the troll’s side but the monster’s muscles were so thick that the sword did not went deep enough to cause a major wound. James rushed backwards in order to put distance between him and the creature.