Mind Breaker – Children

The latest update to my Mind Breaker series.

Dominick found himself separated from the group, lost within a thick blanket of mist. He also soon realized he wasn’t alone.

Read and enjoy!

Blog Flash 2012 Day 14 – Children

Dom extended his free hand forward and he started walking. The mist parted on the places he stepped on. He could see the blackened ground beneath. In front of him, he saw the outlines of trees—crooked and bent, straight and imposing, branches with leaves and branches without, all hidden behind the veil of white mist.

He kept his Mentem Field up but, so far, he still wasn’t detecting any other thoughts. The forest was filled with mist and silence. Then, Dom heard it—the sound of soft footfalls, the brushing of leaves, an unsheathing of a weapon. By the corner of his eye, Dom saw the dagger piercing through the veil of mist and coming towards him. The Mind Breaker evaded in time but lost his footing along the way. Dom stumbled to his side and scrambled to get back on his feet. His attacker came slashing wildly. Dominick ducked and leapt aside and spun to avoid the deadly blade.

He tried locking on to his attacker’s mind but he wasn’t reading anything. Like before, he didn’t detect any thought around him. But the persistent dagger and its wielder were evident that someone was there with him.

The dagger came again. Dom evaded too late. He felt the sharp edge brushing against his leg, slicing clothing, piercing skin, drawing blood. Dom swung his own dagger in response but he was only able to slash the mist. His attacker was fast and small, about half his height.

Dominick felt blood seeping out of the wound. His attacker was nowhere to be seen. His palms started to sweat, his heart started to beat madly. It was the first time the Mind Breaker felt helpless and this terrified. He heard footsteps coming from behind, Dominick swung his dagger in a furious arc. The blade was driven deep into his attacker’s chest. His assailant’s dagger slipped from his hand, blood trickled down from his open mouth. He fell on his back with Dom’s dagger still in his chest. It was too late when Dom realized his attacker was just a boy.

A kid, I just killed a kid. Dom felt like he was in some twisted nightmare. The boy was naked save for a piece of loincloth. He was copper skinned and his body was covered with scars. Dominick stared at his face. The boy seemed familiar. Dom had a nagging feeling he knew who the boy was but couldn’t seem to fully recall the memory.

Dominick heard noises coming from behind. The Mind Breaker quickly reacted. He picked up the boy’s dagger and spun around. He saw three people emerge from the mist.

They were all boys, of the same age as the one he had just stabbed. They were wearing the same clothing and their bodies too were covered with scars. Daggers were in their hands.

“We’ve been looking for you Dom,” they said in unison. Their faces were empty of emotions; their eyes were unfocused and hazy.

“Wh—who are you?” Dominick felt no thoughts coming from the children standing before him.

“We are the ones left behind, the ones you abandoned. You were supposed to send help.” The three boys drew closer. Dom subconsciously took a step back.

“I don’t know what you’re saying. Stay back!” Dominick swung his dagger left and right. The boys were unfazed. They continued to march closer.

The Mind Breaker felt his mind starting to break. He knew something was not right but the fear in him clouded his mind like the mist blanketing the forest. Dominick screamed madly. He charged the three boys with his dagger raised high. Dominick slashed one from forehead to left cheek. Within a heartbeat, he plunged the blade deep into another boy’s heart. Dom felt the bite of cold steel as the third boy slashed his arm. Dom counterattacked by slitting his opponent’s throat.

Panting, the Mind Breaker stared at the corpses around him. He watched in terror as the corpses got back on their feet. They all picked up their daggers and stared at Dom.

“Why did you leave us?” The four of them said.

Dominick shook his head, the dagger left his hand. The Mind Breaker turned around and started to run.