A love poem

I want my words to be

More than just a poem.

I want them to not just reach your ears

But for them to go even deeper.

I want them to crawl down your neck

And touch your heart.

I want my words to be

More than just a poem.

I don’t want them to just say

“I love you,”

in many different ways.

I want them to make you feel

That I love you

Because I really do.


As the words spill out of my fingers

And on the white surface of the paper,

With each stroke of the pen

And with each line that I write,

I imagine your face

While you’re reading this.

I imagine a smile lying snug and comfortable on your lips.

I imagine the stars dancing in your eyes.

I imagine the thumping of your heart,

And the sound of the words,

My words,

Coming out of your mouth.


And as I finish my poem

I imagine you finishing reading as well.

And I imagine you jumping out of your bed,

And texting me,

And calling me,

And running to my doorstep

Just to say that you love me too.

I imagine myself smiling

and then I’ll embrace you tight.

I’ll hold you in my arms so tight

That I’ll be able to feel the beating of your heart

And you’ll feel the beating of mine.

You’ll feel that both of them are saying one thing.

Each beat telling “I love you”

Over and over and over again.

I’ll look into your eyes

And I’ll see my words reflected on them.

And then I’ll kiss you

And deep inside I’ll thank god

I’m able to write the perfect love poem.


I put down my pen

And look at the poem I’ve written.

And I pray,

And I hope…