Five Sentence Fiction – Night

It’s been too long since I’ve written a Five Sentence Fiction.

This prompt is for last week’s FSF but I decided to wait for this week in order to create a two-part story 🙂

Update: The part 2 is up and you can read it over here: Blush


The cool, night breeze brushed past Ely’s face, she took a deep breath and tapped deep within her and allowed a bit of Magik to course through her body then she broke off into a run.

Ten feet away from the moss covered wall, Ely jumped—her Magik enhanced body propelled her fifteen feet off the ground, she spun mid-air and somersaulted over the mansion walls.

She landed soundlessly on the other side behind a massive oak tree; she pressed her back on the tree’s trunk and took a peek.

Eight meters in front of her loomed the Visarch’s five story marble mansion—the windows on its top most floor were brightly lit, guards wearing iron and steel were positioned all around it, in their hands they held three pronged spears.

The assassin smiled, pulled up her hood to shroud her face in darkness, before she silently charged the mansion.