Five Sentence Fiction – Blush

The second part of my Five Sentence Fiction series.

You can read the first part here: Night.

Ely reached the entrance to the Visarch’s mansion, behind her the ground was peppered with slain armored guards.

She wiped the blood from her daggers on the sleeves of her black shirt.

She pushed the wide double doors and they swung open without a sound, behind them Ely saw nothing but darkness—she didn’t see the dagger flying towards her and she didn’t feel it pierce her left shoulder, she looked down to see the spot where the dagger had penetrated start to blush red as blood blossomed from the wound.

From the darkness, she saw three more daggers headed towards her but Ely reacted swiftly and evaded them all—she could hear footsteps getting nearer, the assassin pulled out the dagger from her left shoulder and she dropped it on the ground.

“Finally, a challenge,” she said with a smile.