The Priestess

Natalya saw the apocalypse. She couldn’t feign nonchalance and do nothing. She knew she had to prevent it.

Natalya emerged into the clearing. With knife in hand, she stepped into the center and removed her cloak—beneath the scarlet clothing, the priestess was naked. Natalya ran the blade of the knife across her palm and let the blood fall on the soil. Her lips moved swiftly as the prayers left her mouth.

Laughter, exploding like thunder, came out of the darkness but Natalya persisted in her prayers.
The ground shook and cracked and out of it rose a door made up of human bodies. It slowly swung open. Natalya shook her head and took a step back.

Natalya saw the world ending, but she didn’t see that it was because of her own doing.

“Foolish human,” the demon said.

The scream died in Natalya’s mouth as all of hell exploded out of the door.