Visual Dare 22 – The Anomaly

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The Repairmen arrived too late. The street was void of life and the air was filled with the foul smell of burned flesh. Twenty feet in front of them stood the Anomaly.

It took the form of a man wearing a suit and a black fedora hat. All around the Anomaly were all sorts of shoes—sneakers, loafers, boots, rollerblades. Some still had steam rising from them. Some had melted into black goo. The Anomaly tipped its hat at the both of them. Its face showed no emotions. In its right hand was the Hour Hand, glowing pure white from all the pure chronovox it had absorbed.

“The scanner’s not showing any good news,” Jacque said. “The Anomaly’s grown too powerful.”

Clarisse pulled out her knives. “This time period’s way beyond saving but we can still save the others. The Anomaly needs to be contained.”

“You’re not listening. It’s beyond containment. This is the first time I’ve seen an Anomaly this strong,” Jacque argued.

As if it had grown bored of standing and waiting, the Anomaly started to walk towards the Repairmen.

The Repairmen’s bodies grew taut. Jacque tucked away the scanner and pulled out his twin revolvers.

“We’ve got to try to eliminate it if containment’s no longer possible,” Clarisse’s face showed absolute determination, “We’re the only ones standing between It and the rest of time.”

Jacque gave a weak nod. The Anomaly broke off into a run. The two repairmen went to battle formation. The battle to save time itself had begun.