Ben – A Flash Fiction Story

The strobe lights were turned on about an hour ago and they never stopped since. The music only got louder and the dance floor started to overflow with bodies. People kept on coming until their bodies started to mash together in one big pile of throbbing flesh.

Bob, the person this party was for, watched from his seat. There were at least fifty people in the room but he knew not one of them. He even wondered if they knew that it was his birthday that they were celebrating. Bob didn’t care though. The only thing he wanted was to get out, but his brothers took that option of the list.

The lights were starting to give him a headache. The place smelled of beer and sweat and vomit. On his right, a couple was busy exchanging saliva. Bob watched as the guy’s hand went under the girl’s provocative shirt.

Bob stood up and went towards the punch bowl. He sighed as he started refilling his cup. He never wanted any of this, the music and the dancing and the people. His brothers wanted to give him the most “awesome” birthday ever. Bob wanted nothing more than to watch Frodo climb up Mount Doom to save Middle-Earth.