Menage Monday – Drained of time

Somewhere, in the middle of a nameless desert highway, the air was split in two. The crack grew wider, like a mouth yawning from sleepiness, and from it came out a man. The time rip closed as fast as it had appeared. There wasn’t any sign that it had been there.

Now, this man had a very common face. A face you’d see walking down the street. He had a face that would easily slip from your mind, an inconsequential face.

The man that stepped out of the rip wasn’t really a man though but an Anomaly—a glitch in time, a problem, a bug, a thing whose sole purpose was the destruction of time itself.

From the distance, a car was approaching. The Anomaly jerked its thumb out casually. The car stopped and the windows were rolled down.

“Where ya going bud?” the driver asked.

The Anomaly just smiled and got in. The human started protesting. The Anomaly drove his hand into the human and he started draining time. Pieces of chronovox were sucked out. The human turned to stone and eventually crumbled away to dust. The Anomaly moved to the driver’s seat and pressed down on the gas.