Visual Dare – Cattles

This one’s a tough Visual Dare for me. Don’t know if I managed to produce a good one. I had fun writing it though. 🙂

The big Holstein cattle and the fat Englishman made for a very odd couple. All eyes were on them as the Englishman led the cow down the street. Some of the passersby stifled their laughter; some were not too shy and even pointed at them while laughing.

The cow, who went by the Earth name “Betsy”, watched the surprised faces of the Earthlings staring and laughing at her.

Fools, she thought to herself. I’ll allow you all these last few moments of humor. The time is almost here.

Betsy reached into the mind of the fat Englishman.

“Collin, is everything ready?” She asked.

Collin, the fat Englishman, looked at his cow with glazed eyes and gave a nod. “The milkmen had already left their stations. They are now currently going through their usual rounds.”

Parked on the corner of the street, waiting for Betsy and Collin, was a red and white Volkswagen Type 2 bus. The bus was specifically modified to be able to fit in the huge cow. Betsy, with the help of her aid, stepped inside the bus.

“The British White, the Brown Swiss, and the Angus are all waiting at the Farm,” Collin said. “They are all very excited to see the downfall of humans.”

Betsy gave a laugh. “Once they drink the milk we’ve spread out throughout the entire city, they’ll all be underneath our control. The rise of cattle is now.”

“How about the lactose intolerants?” Collin asked.

“Bah! Once we have grabbed the minds of some humans, we can just order them to imprison the Intolerants!” Betsy answered.

The bus drove off down the road and up a hill. On various parts of the city, mind controlled milkmen were busy unloading their trucks…