In the woods – A flash fiction

June was walking as though he was in a dream. He’d been stuck inside the woods for god knows how long. He didn’t bother checking the map anymore. The muddy ground had changed to a carpet of flowers with white colored petals. The sun was replaced by the moon. The trees grew taller and the sky was barely seen through their thick leaves. It was also harder to see because of the thick curtain of mist that started lingering in the air.

June was weak and hungry and tired. He was close to giving up when he saw light—just in front of him, beyond the trees. Somehow, strangely, the light gave energy to June. He waded through the sea of white flowers and past the trees. He emerged into a clearing. The spot was empty save for the same white flowers. In the middle of the ring of trees, June saw an uncanny sight—a single lightbulb hanging from somewhere. He walked to the middle and craned his neck but he wasn’t able to see past the leaves.

Mesmerized, June raised a hand and touched the lightbulb. The lightbulb was sticky and he found himself unable to let go of it.


Kun’Letero was starting to doze off. His head bobbed back and forth and left and right. His eyes would start to close but about halfway he would force them open. It was a slow night for fishing. He was sitting for half a day on his branch and still he had caught nothing. His stomachs started grumbling again. Then, he felt something tug at his line. Kun’Letero grinned wide. He gave his fishing rod a hard pull. He heard a human voice shouting.

Kun’Letero won’t be hungry tonight after all.