Book Review – Heart Search by Carlie M. A. Cullen

Today’s generation is very much saturated with vampire stories–from Vampire Diaries, to True Blood, and of course, arguably the most famous of them all, the Twilight saga.  I’m pretty sure there are loads more of these type of stories. Now, I’ll be honest here in admitting that I am not a fan of vampire romance stories. There are just so many of them that sometimes the stories tend to follow the same format. I try my best to avoid stories like these.

When Carlie Cullen asked to help her in promoting her very first novel, Heart Search, I quickly said yes. Carlie’s a great friend and a great writer, I’ve read her stories online and they’re awesome. I really felt honored when she asked for my help. Upon reading that her story would be about vampires, I started having second thoughts.

I warily started reading her novel. Lo and behold, I quickly got hooked. Carlie Cullen’s first novel is clearly quite different compared to the other vampire novels. I love how the characters were carefully molded and given uniqueness. I love the interaction between characters. The dialogue’s really good and the pacing was nice.

As I reached the end of the novel, I have this image of how the story will end. The ending became a bit predictable but it didn’t hurt the overall story.

I would definitely mark this book as a “must buy”. I give it an 8/10.