A head hopping exercise

Softpaws pounded left and right and left and right. He didn’t stop for a single moment. He knew if he stopped that he won’t be able to go on again. He had no more strength left. The only thing that kept him going was his strong desire to finally get his revenge. He felt the strong grip of the Stuffling, Mr. Teddy, on his shoulders. In an instant, he was tossed hard to an adjacent tree like a rag doll. He felt something broke as he landed hard on the ground. Another one of his ribs? Softpaws struggled to lift himself up. He looked at his nemesis standing on all fours. The edges of his vision were starting to darken up. His chest was in intense pain from the nasty gash Mr. Teddy gave him. He pushed himself up to a sitting position with his back on the tree. He didn’t have the strength to stand up much less defend himself. Still, Softpaws smiled at his arch enemy. He balled his hands into fists and lifted them in front of him.

“That all you got?” He said through gritted teeth.

Mr. Teddy was staggering. He was seeing in doubles. Suddenly, all the beatings he had endured from Softpaws washed over him all at once like a huge tidal wave. His left eye was swollen shut. He knew he has a concussion. Huge scratch marks covered almost the entirety of his body. He was lucky he still was able to get the damn monkey off of his back. In front of him, he saw Softpaws sit up. The monkey’s yellow colored fur had turned bloody red. Blood was flowing freely from his opponent’s chest like a river. Mr. Teddy couldn’t help but smile despite himself. The two of them had been enemies for as long as he could remember. They had fought against one another in countless skirmishes in the past. Neither one would back down. Now, it seemed everything was coming to an end. This was the final round. Winner takes all. Mr. Teddy took a step, his knees shaky, and then another. Softpaws didn’t stand. He figured the monkey had no more strength left.Good, I’ve got nothing left as well. He saw Softpaws raise both hands. The monkey was smiling.

“That all you got?” He heard the monkey say.

Mr. Teddy took another shaky step. “Not by a long shot,” he answered back.