Visual Dare 26 – Afterlife

It’s time for another Visual Dare 🙂

The image for this week had me think up of all sorts of ideas. I chose the one that really piqued my interest. 🙂


We reached the Land of Winter just in time to watch the sun set in the horizon. I looked at the Faceless Girl. She had her mirror held in front of her, like always, with the reflective surface facing me. The oval mirror had a copper frame decorated with embossed grapevines running all around its surface. I knew that the following day the designs will change. The Faceless Girl was a fickle minded being.

My reflection stared back at me. I looked years older than when I first ventured out from the Land of Living. My hair had grown long, almost reaching my shoulders. A black beard covered the lower part of my face and my cheeks had sunk. My body was covered with thick clothing made from the fur of the different creatures I had slain. A huge sword was on my back and a round shield was attached to my arm. I looked like one of the savage clansmen that filled the tales told to us in our youth. My train of thought was broken when my reflection started to speak.

“We have to find a place to rest,” my reflection had the voice of a girl’s. It was the way the Faceless Girl communicated—an eerie way of speaking which I’ve grown accustomed to.

I acceded. “How large of a place is the Land of Winter?” I asked her.

I watched my reflection turn his back on me. He raised his hand and pointed to a star, burning bright and prominent, in the purple sky. “We follow the Ice Star. It’ll take us seven days to cross this place.”

By then, the temperature had dropped dramatically. Snow started to fall. “Let’s get going,” I said.

By the time we found a cave for us to settle in, we were wading through knee high snow. My beard was covered with hoarfrost and the glass of the Faceless Girl’s mirror was fogged up with frost as well.

We went into the deepest part of the cave, as far as possible from the chill of the outside. Fire was absent and hunger burned within us.

The Faceless Girl sat beside me; our backs were on the wall. Outside, the light snowfall had turned into a full blown blizzard. The howling of the wind filled our ears. The Faceless Girl, mirror still in hand covering her face, turned her head towards me and said: “Do not worry, my friend. The end is almost near. We are close in bringing you back into the Land of Living. You have helped me and I promise you, I will help you live again.”

She placed her free hand on top of mine and I saw, in the mirror, not my reflection. What I saw was a girl with gray eyes and a face framed with curly brown hair. She was smiling at me and I couldn’t help myself but smile back.