The Time Engineer

He should have seen it coming. When the machine exploded, he thought he had time to fix it—to drain the massive chronovox energy that spilled out. He should have realized that time was something he no longer had.

“Come on, honey, we have to go.”  Henry hastily carries her daughter downstairs.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” Sarah asks. Her stuffed bunny clutched tightly in her hand.

Henry doesn’t answer. Father and daughter make their way into the garage and into the SUV. The garage door slowly opens up and a bright light seeps inside the garage. Sarah shields her eyes.

“Daddy?” Henry can hear the fear in his daughter’s voice.

Henry realizes there’s no escape. The chronovox energy had expanded faster than he thought possible. There’s no more running from it. The time machine was supposed to be his greatest moment…it turned out to be humanity’s downfall. The light devours everything. The light reaches the car and the metal breaks into dust. Time breaks down.

Henry looks at Sarah, helpless to do anything to save her.

The light touches them. Henry’s skin shrivels up as the light dramatically speeds up his aging. He feels the ache in his joints, his eyesight grows blurry, and his teeth one by one falls out.

“Sorry,” he manages to say to his daughter before he crumbles to dust.