Antediluvian – A Write Practice post

Did a quick practice on Joe’s website: The Write Practice. 🙂

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The sky was streaked with grey and the sun was hidden from sight. The cold penetrated his thick, fur cloak. It dug deep into his skin and froze his bones. The air had that sharpness in it that sent needles into his lungs whenever he breathed in. Winter was fast approaching and his age was catching up. He hugged the pile of firewood tighter to his chest and continued walking.

His abode was a hut made of hard-packed earth and timber–a modest home for a man with modest needs and very little wants. The house contained only things that he needed to survive each day given to him by the gods. He set the pile of dry wood beside the small fireplace. The fire he made this morning had already died. Gray smoke rose up and out of the chimney.

He knew his antediluvian way of life wouldn’t last long. The peace he had long sought would come to an end. He knew that. He was an old man, yes, but his magik was still strong. He could still see things. He felt the tendrils of darkness creeping in his sleep. They were scattered across the land, slowly but surely, enveloping it. The creatures of the underearth were stirring. A great evil was being waken. He knew his abilities will be needed.

The old man let out a great sigh. He picked up a couple of firewood and tossed them in the hearth. Minutes later, a healthy fire was burning. He removed his gloves and allowed the heat to comfort his old body.

It wasn’t long after when he heard the sound of horses followed by a knock on his door. He smiled a weary smile. He made his way to the door and opened it. Standing before him was a man clothed in steel with a sword hanging by his hip.

“Are you Merlin?” The knight asked.

Merlin gave a nod. The power of darkness was great. The wizard prayed deep inside that he would someday be able to return to his home of hard-packed earth and timber.