The Bone Tower – A triple visual dare

Angela Goff just posted a different kind of Visual Dare for this week. 🙂

Instead of just one image, she posted THREE. That’s right. Three awesome images to make those writing juices flowing.

The images used are:

Below’s my story 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

The bone tower stood tall, piercing the gray clouds that blanketed the sky. It was as wide as a hundred men standing abreast. Its walls were white and on some parts there were human faces, frozen in agony, carved into them. All around the tower, the land was black with death. The ground smelled of decay and the air was heavily touched with evil.

Luca wanted nothing more than to run away. The malignant aura was so potent that it had become visible to the naked eye in the form of black mist. It swirled all around them. Luca felt it playing with his emotions; heightening his fear and eating away at his courage. He was suddenly a boy again; helpless, orphaned, weak. The strength slowly left his knees. He wanted to lie down and curl into a ball and pray the ground would swallow him whole. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. Warmth spread throughout his body; repelling the black mist.

“The evil one’s presence is corrupting your mind,” Luca heard Remi say. “But do not fear, my magic will be enough to shield us albeit temporarily.”

The girl’s pale face was void of emotions. Her long, white hair fell down on her chest. Her almond shaped eyes were focused on the tower’s peak. Her entire body glowed white. Some of the magic started to shift to Luca until his body, too, was covered with white aura. Remi removed her hand from his shoulder.

The fear hadn’t completely disappeared but it had lessened considerably. Luca felt his resolve strengthening. The young man smiled and thanked the white witch.

“We must hurry. The evil one has not yet noticed us. His minions are still all asleep.” Without waiting for an answer, Remi started walking towards the tower’s solitary entrance.

The doorway was wide enough to allow three men to pass through together. On either side of the doorway, more pained faces were visible. They almost seemed to be real.

“These are the souls that the evil one had captured. The entire tower is made of their bones, fortified by their cursed souls,” Remi nonchalantly explained. A shiver rode down the young knight’s spine as he followed the witch inside.

A long spiraling staircase ran around the tower’s walls. Luca looked up but the stairs just continued on higher and higher and into the darkness. There was some missing steps in-between, while some parts were badly burned black. Freezing wind blew down from above.

“We must climb but be careful of where you will place your feet,” Remi looked around. The place was bare and empty of sound. “The tower is enchanted and traps are plenty.” They started climbing.

Two hours had passed when Remi suddenly stopped.

“What is it? Has the evil one noticed us?” Luca asked, his voice was a whisper.

Remi pointed. In front of them, the next seven steps were charred. “We must not step on them.”

The distance between where they were and the step that Remi deemed to be safe were quite far. “Is there another way? We won’t be able to jump all over those.”

The witch shook her head.

“What’ll happen if we stepped on one?” Luca asked.

“We must avoid them,” she simply answered.

Luca walked back down ten steps. In his arms was the white witch. “This is crazy,” the knight said. Luca started running. He jumped upon reaching the last safe step…but he wasn’t able to jump far enough. Luca tossed the witch to the steps that weren’t scorched black while he landed on a black one. Remi’s eyes widened. Before Luca was able to utter a word, he found himself in another place. Leafless trees stood all around him. Their twisted branches loomed above him. Spots of sunlight dotted the ground. Remi was nowhere in sight. From somewhere far, he heard a monstrous roar.