Love and Death

I watched her for a moment. I hid one of my presences in the shadows as she walked inside the room. The room was dark—the only source of light came from the pale light of the moon that shone through the glass window. What will she do this time I wonder? I heard the floorboards groan under her feet as she made her way to her bed. She sat herself, the light of the moon shining down on her like a spotlight, and she took out a bottle out of the pocket of her sweater.


One of my presences shifted in the shadows as I moved closer towards her. She must have felt me for I saw her shivered. She looked up and her eyes scanned the darkness of the room. No use hiding when you’ve already been found.


“That won’t work,” I said to her as one of my presences shifted and changed to a form she was familiar with. I stepped out of the darkness as a man. The shadows clung to me like a dark suit. I looked at her with gray colored eyes and I read her.


She wasn’t surprised or scared. No. She was already too accustomed to me to be shocked or to cower in fear. I saw her eyes. I saw no fear but indifference…and great weariness. She said no reply but instead went back to the bottle in her hand. She twisted open the metal cap and raised it to her lips. Then she paused. She knew what it would do to her. She knew and she was scared. I saw the fear swirling around her like mist.


“It’s a very nasty experience,” I continued on saying, “you will experience great pain. Its effects will last a good hour or so.”


“I know what it’ll do to me,” she said in a flat tone though I saw the tears forming in her eyes.


“And you also know that it won’t work,” I said, laying a hand on her shoulder.


“Don’t…don’t touch me, please,” she said. I slowly pulled my hand away.


“I don’t understand why you’re trying to resist my gift.” She remained quiet. She raised the bottle again—her lips kissing the bottle’s cool mouth—and she drank the contents down.


The two of us waited. She lay on the bed in a fetal position and my human form stood over her like a huge shadow. Minutes crawled. On the other parts of the world, people died, and my presences were there, plucking the souls from the corpses. I did all of these while I watched as one of my presences coursed through her body.


Her eyes opened wide and she looked at me. The fear was growing thicker. It covered her body now like a blanket. Her body arched in a painful position and I continued to watch. Her mouth opened to let out a scream but no sound came out—it was an eerie sight. I longed to hold her in my arms but I knew I could do nothing but wait—wait for the poison to run its course.


“P—please,” she managed to utter. Her hand was reaching out for me as her body continued to convulse violently.


I shook my head. “You have to understand,” I softly tell her. “I cannot lose you.” I gently hold her hand with both of my hands. I felt the scars on her wrists. “You don’t know what it’s like. I was born from the death of Adam’s son. I have walked this planet for countless of years. I was alone. I deliver souls to their rest. But, what about me? I have no rest. Then, I found you.” I moved my hands from her hand to her face. I then leaned down and planted a light kiss on her forehead. “I found you and I won’t lose you. Don’t you see? If I deliver you to the other side then I will be left alone again. You have to understand.” I gave her another kiss, this time on the cheek. I tasted her tears and her fear and her pain.


I sat beside her as her body slowly relaxed. Outside, night was giving way to the coming of a new day. The spasms had disappeared though her body was still shaking as she cried. She sat up on her bed and I held her in my arms. “Someday,” I whisper to her, “you’ll learn to understand my love.”