Five Sentence Fiction – Spell Thief

Hex stood over the dying Roma—her eyes wide, her face pale, and blood bubbled from her wrinkled lips—and savored his latest victory; his hands sparked with magic and the enchantment spells tattooed on his skin pulsed with red light.

He went down on one knee, held Roma’s shaking hand, and said: “You fought a good fight but you’ve got one thing going against you, my friend, and that is time.”

Roma opened her mouth to say something but only blood came splattering out.

Hex placed his hand on the old woman’s forehead and his lips moved rapidly—golden light enveloped Roma’s body it travelled towards Hex’s hand and up his arms.

Afterwards, the young magician stood up and snapped his fingers—black flame devoured the magician’s corpse as Hex the Spell Thief watched on.