The king of wood imps

Kun’Letero walked into a clearing. The ground was covered with green moss except for the part closes to the huge tree standing in front of Kun’Letero. The tree was gnarled and its branches were bare and leafless. It was black in color and the ground a few feet around it was black as well. The trunk of the tree was thicker than five men standing abreast and it was the tallest tree in the Forgotten Woods—a tree fit for the king of the wood imps. . A door was built on it.  Kun’Letero twisted open the golden colored door knob and he pushed open the door. Immediately, the smell of death and decay poured out of the inside. Kun’Letero breathed in deep. He smiled a toothy smile as he entered his castle.

The inside was as worse as the smell. The ground was carpeted with the bones of the creatures the wood imps had eaten. Some were from the small woodland critters who lived inside the woods, some though belonged to the unfortunate humans who got lost and never found their way again. The humans were Kun’Letero’s favorite. He gave a cry of command and from above him, from the small holes built inside the tree, other wood imps started to wake. Some rushed down holding a cloak made from autumn leaves. This they tied around Kun’Letero’s neck. Others were holding a staff made from the oldest tree in the woods. Kun’Letero held the staff and he felt the power of the green entering his rotund body.

Kun’Letero shoved the wood imps with his staff and he made his way to the center of the room where his wooden throne was waiting. He sat on it with both of his feet propped up on one of the arm rests. The other wood imps stared at him wide eyed, waiting for his next command. Kun’Letero eyed his kingdom. Druidic runes were etched on the walls of the tree. These made the tree invisible to the eyes of the other creatures. Vines were dangling from the ceiling; these were used by the wood imps to get to their holes. Kun’Letero drummed his long fingers on the arm rest of his throne. He then pointed at one wood imp with his staff. He barked another command. The tiny wood imp gave a yelp and immediately rushed to pick up a femur lying on the ground. The femur still had pieces of meat stuck to it. Kun’Letero nibbled on the bone.